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We make a lot of gear recommendations here at Learn Stage Lighting - both through our free videos and articles and also via Learn Stage Lighting Labs. 

Now, if you're in the US, we can also get you a great price on the gear you're looking for!

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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Lights?

The stage lighting industry has a few different pricing standards.   Every manufacturer publishes a MAP, or Minimum Advertised Price, on every piece of gear that they sell. This is the lowest price anyone can advertise, and is the price you see online via various stores.  

We work via personalized quotes, so that we can quote out a price fit to you without violating our MAP contracts.

Our Unique, 4-Part Savings Process: 

1. We only offer sales via quote.   This allows us to offer you a custom-tailored price.

2. We have direct dealer or wholesale pricing from most major brands in the stage lighting world, allowing us to put together a package from 1 or multiple brands.

3. In order to support you, we also include a Learn Stage Lighting Labs subscription into your pricing. 

If you're already a Labs member, you'll enjoy a free rig review and personalized recommendations.

4. We invoice via QuickBooks Payments which allows you to pay via Bank Transfer (ACH).  If you let us know you'd like this option, we can take an additional 2.5% off!

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We'll collect some basic details about you and get your personalized pricing.  United States Only :)

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