Every Step You Need to Begin With Lighting:

It's super-easy to get confused when it comes to starting with lighting.  You may have sought out the opinion of friends or connections, and found yourself more confused than when you began.

There are three problems with most of the "how to" information on stage lighting out there:

It's not suited towards the type of lighting you're doing (band, church, DJ, or theatre)

It's not geared towards the beginner who's just trying to nail down the basics and make a small show or service awesome. 

They're often funded entirely by a lighting manufacturer, and they won't recommend a console or software from another brand...even if it's best for you!

To get started with lighting, you need a simple plan that walks you through all of the different options, no matter what type of lighting you work with.

That's why I've created "The Essentials", which is a collection of (4) full video courses that teach you the basics of lighting for Band, Church, DJ, and/or Theatre lighting. 

Whether your lighting situation fits neatly in one of those categories or across multiple, you get access to the complete guide for starting with all 4!

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"The Essentials of Stage Lighting" is only $197, and will help you to make the RIGHT lighting decisions, the first time:


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